Live Talk mit US-Radiosender

Lauschen kann man dem Interview hier.

“Friends, I had the pleasure to speak with Wolf Leichsenring

today again, to catch up and to learn how all of us are needing to make adjustments in our worklife, due to Corona Virus .

Wolf to me is a role model and that is why we connected almost 3 years ago. Many retired individuals become less and less active, living sedentary lifestyles. At age 74 ( and not counting anymore) Wolf has an incredible amount of energy not only to travel, write books, travel presentations…but also is an opera singer performing in various churches and theatres throughout Germany.

Yes, all that after his retirement. Please check his website:

I say, Life is not over after retirement and it should not be…if you got your health, no reason not be active and do what you love doing.

Wolf is a monthly contributor to our with some of his travel journeys.

Enjoy! Stay healthy Wolf and we love you!”